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Why A Klimno Island Getaway is A Must

If you have not made your next destination Klimno, then it is a trip that you must take. There are many things to do such as taking a city walking tour in the small villages with rich culture and history to boating classes that test your seafaring skills, Klimno has wide range of activities to offer.

Enjoy The Beach

Who does not like sipping on cocktails or beers and just chill out on the beach? There are many beaches you can choose from, such as the Slamni, Punta beach to make your stay as enjoyable as possible. There are resorts, bars, and events happening all the time, so if you want to meet people while you are there, it’s a good opportunity to meet fellow tourists and locals alike.

Get A Nice Tan

A healthy glow is always good. When you are on Klimno, it is the best place to get the bronze that you’ve been dying to have. There are in fact instructors who will teach you how to get a healthy tan the right way without getting sunburned or sick.

Take Boating Classes

If you have an adventurous spirit, why not take a boating class and go for a spin? It’s beginner friendly and you will have an instructor to ensure your safety.

Walking Tour

Take a walking tour around the historical sites, and learn more about the history of Croatia. You will see churches, buildings, and historical aspects of the country that showcase the spirit and soul of what Klimno stands for.